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or download the zip wallet program from GitHub.com litecoin-project in: 



After 19May2022 if you upgrade to a MimbleWimble Litecoin LTC core wallet v0.21.2
you must to sync your new wallet from scratch
- wallet needs to download full LTC blockchain-
0.- Please: backup your wallet.dat file located in litecoin\wallets subdirectory.

This file saves your LTC coins !!!
1.- download the zip wallet program from GitHub.com litecoin-project:

for ex. , litecoin-0.21.2-win64.zip (32.4 MB). 
2.- Unzip and run litecoin-qt.exe  located in ..\litecoin-0.21.2-win64\litecoin-0.21.2\bin
3.- wait until full synchronization
4.- close your wallet program MimbleWimble LTC core wallet v0.21.2
5.- replace wallet.dat generated for the new wallet with your wallet.dat file backed up -with your coins- done in 0.-
6.- run the wallet again 
7.- you are ready to send and receive LTC coins with your new MW LTC core v0.21.2 wallet

If something fails in step 3.-
3bis.- close the new wallet program
4bis.- please donate 2.90 for the decrypt code we send by mail to download the full LTC blockchain saved til 20220605 and follow the steps therein "How to" in https://www.blockchaindownload.store/product-page/litecoin-blockchain,

to copy and replace all the LTC blockchain files zipped and downloaded from Mega NZ 
5.- , 6.- and 7.- 

Litecoin LTC

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Notes on Altcoin Mining.pdf

Click to download PDF

Some points on Miners

You have to fight against your antivirus because it detects miners as a virus (false positive)
1 go to miner's page

2 download zip miner file

3 antivirus alert

4 zip miner file is in quarantine

5 restore from quarantine

Mining right now with low resources!!!
Altcoins with low difficulty level to mine:


QUIX via CPU wallet-mining
in the wallet console introduce:

setgenerate true 6  
setgenerate false  to stop mining

in a pool (goto miningpoolstats.stream & choose)









6 put zip miner file in the list of real time protection excluded files

7 unzip

8 miner exe file is in quarantine

9 repeat steps 5 6 for miner exe file

GPU Miner CryptoDredge    #last version 0.25.1

GPU Miner ccminer-2.3.1-cuda10

by Tpruvot & Cbuchner software

https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases   #to mine scrypt algo

GPU Miner Z-Enemy    

#last version z-enemy-2.3-win-cuda10.1

GPU Miner T-Rex    #last version 0.22.1

#read Readme file to see which algos can mine 
(t-rex-0.19.14-win-cuda11.1 can mine x25x algo)

CPU Miner cpuminer-opt-sugarchain-v3.

New POW cryptocoin YescriptR16 CPU & GPU mining


Reacoin REAN      click para mas info

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LTC Blockchain MimbleWimble wallet version synced   til date: 20220619_0618am UTC-3   

blocks: 2282986   size: 81.734 GB   zipped: 62.530 GB

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Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH,
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