Stock-to-Flow Creator @PlanB Says '$288K Still in Play,' Mike McGlone Sees an 'Ace up Bitcoin's Sleeve'

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Notes on Altcoin Mining.pdf

Some points on Miners

You have to fight against your antivirus because it detects miners as a virus (false positive)
1 go to miner's page

2 download zip miner file

3 antivirus alert

4 zip miner file is in quarantine

5 restore from quarantine

Mining right now with low resources!!!
Altcoins with low difficulty level to mine:


QUIX via CPU wallet-mining
in the wallet console introduce:

setgenerate true 6  
setgenerate false  to stop mining

in a pool (goto & choose)







6 put zip miner file in the list of real time protection excluded files 7 unzip 8 miner exe file is in quarantine

9 repeat steps 5 6 for miner exe file

Información importante para residentes de la
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires CABA, Argentina !

Asistencia y Soporte para la compra de Bitcoin BTC,
Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH,
a través del site

(bajaron el mínimo a depositar a u$s 5000 y las comisiones)


El 22 de Junio de 2021 el precio de Bitcoin tocó un valor mínimo en varios meses de
1 BTC = u$s 28.862 a las 10AM hora de Buenos Aires.
A las 02PM rebotó y está en u$s 32.360
Tal es la volatilidad del precio de BTC que el 14 de Abril de 2021 a las 09AM su precio estuvo en u$s 64.852 !!!
El 23Ago BTC cotizó a u$s 50.513
Con la expectativa de que el precio de Bitcoin llegue a u$s 100.000 antes de fin de año, según algunos analistas como @PlanB, con su modelo predictivo S2FX Stock to Flow Model, te pregunto: 

No es este el momento de invertir en Bitcoin?
Pero ... cómo hacerlo?

GPU Miner CryptoDredge    #last version 0.25.1

GPU Miner ccminer-2.3.1-cuda10

by Tpruvot & Cbuchner software   #to mine scrypt algo

GPU Miner Z-Enemy    

#last version z-enemy-2.3-win-cuda10.1

GPU Miner T-Rex    #last version 0.22.1  

#read Readme file to see which algos can mine 
(t-rex-0.19.14-win-cuda11.1 can mine x25x algo)

CPU Miner cpuminer-opt-sugarchain-v3.

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When using a digital wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, provided by their own developers -official core wallet-, you must wait a while until a complete synchronization of the blockchain

In and for each cryptocurrency we save the files of the blockchain at some point and we explain how to use our compressed and updated files to download them, replace the ones you have on your PC and thus synchronize the wallet faster.

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Alert: it seems that Kimora coin is DEAD!!! However, this example can be extrapolated to mine other cryptos
How to mine Cryptocoins. Example: Kimora coin
How to install a wallet from the scratch
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Imagen dataset_1094.JPG
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Blockchain Bitcoin
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