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managing bitcoin blockchain

you can send & receive bitcoins using a full node synced bitcoin core wallet

If you haven't installed the bitcoin core wallet please go to Step1. 

Step 2.  synchronize the wallet with the bitcoin network downloading the bitcoin blockchain distributed ledger

downloading bitcoin blockchain piece by piece

Bitcoin blockchain is saved in a whole of directories and files with this structure (default installation data directories):


Within ../bitcoin/blocks there exists a index subdirectory and files named blk*.dat and rev*.dat that until 20231124_0230pm UTC-3 run from 00000 to 03957


Within ../bitcoin/blocks/index there exists files named *.ldb and three ones called MANIFEST-004684, CURRENT and LOCK


Within ../bitcoin/blocks/chainstate there exists files named *.ldb and three ones called MANIFEST-1585477, CURRENT and LOCK


Totalizing about 568 GB of data. All of these files are the bitcoin blockchain until 20231124_0230pm UTC-3   blocks=818291

how to download 568 GB of data over the internet in a reasonable time 

Waiting for a full synchronization of the bitcoin core wallet takes about 3 or 4 weeks depending of your bandwith and computational resources

This site have taken a copy of all of this files at some time (until 20231124_0230pm UTC-3) and upload to to your download

Once you have all the files downloaded an unzipped in your computer you have to copy and replace all the files provided preserving the right places and structure of the bitcoin blockchain we have shown before:

all blk*.dat and rev*.dat files within ../users/YOURUSER/AppData/Roaming/Bitcoin/blocks

all *.ldb files within ../users/YOURUSER/AppData/Roaming/Bitcoin/blocks/index

all *.ldb files within ../users/YOURUSER/AppData/Roaming/Bitcoin/chainstate

then run the bitcoin core wallet running bitcoin-qt.exe and wait for full sync of the wallet

we organize the files to download in a whole of zip files uploaded to
blk*.dat and rev*.dat files belonging to the blocks directory

blk00000.dat to blk00221.dat are zipped in and upload and so on

rev00000.dat to rev00221.dat are zipped in and upload and so on

As a result we have 18 blk*.zip files and 18 rev*.zip files. Please see the following table

ldb*.dat files and manifest-004684 current and lock files belonging to the blocks/index directory

all the *.ldb and MANIFEST-004684, CURRENT and LOCK files files are zipped in the file and upload  ( zipped size 97.086 MB)

ldb*.dat files and manifest-1585477 current and lock files belonging to the chainstate directory

all the *.ldb and MANIFEST-1585477, CURRENT and LOCK files are zipped in the file and upload 

( zipped size 7.626 GB)

if you are ready and conscius of this effort please go to
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