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To take control of your cryptocoins, get an official wallet and sync the blockchain with the network 
(please learn about how to protect your wallet and secure the file where your coins are saved: 
if you surf our Blockchains page, we explain how to do for each cryptocoin and

how to replace the blockchain directories and files with ours we provide)

But, there exists cryptocoin blockchains very very big in size and to sync the wallet take hours, days or weeks !!!

We save a blockchain at some time and made available for you uploading to Mega for direct download encrypted

So, bellow the list:
1.- click or tap the icon to download wallet and install in the default directory the program choose (if your antivirus warn -this is a false positive-, allow access through the firewall)
2.- a bit while after, close the wallet. The cryptocoin blockchain directories and files were created (for ex. in c:\Users\yourUser\Appdata\Roaming\yourCoin)
3.- Click or tap button to our blockchain's encrypted and zipped download offered 
4.- Please, Pay/Donate the amount you see in the list
5.- Ask by email for the corresponding Decrypt Code
6.- Proceed to download, saving the zip blockchain file in c:\Users\yourUser\Appdata\Roaming\yourCoin
7.- Unzip and replace only all the directories and files there
8.- Open the wallet and wait for full synchronization

Please read our page "Try it for free" for more detailed explanation

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