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syncing wallets

for windows users


somewhere, someone like you wants a cryptocoin wallet and download

First of all: if you dont like to shutdown your antivirus firewall -recomended- you must to allow the coin-qt.exe program installer as a true positive program without virus, because all of the antivirus programs detects as a false positive.

Also allow coin-qt.exe to communicate with the blockchain network and so sync.


That means download all the blocks of the cryptocoin blockchain

A) Some coin's developers offer a binaries windows installer as Dash DASH (dashcore- or

Bitcoin BTC (bitcoin-0.20.1-win64-setup.exe)

B) Others, like Bitcoin BTC too offer bitcoin-qt.exe in a zip or

like Experience XP offer XP-qt.exe in a zip file

BuzzCoin BUZZ buzzcoin-qt-v3.2.exe

Espers ESP Espers-qt.exe

and so on

In case A)

run the installer

-remember look the antivirus don't eliminate the installer but if it so, recover it from the quarantine place-

It is recommended install in the default location the program choose

- for ex.

C:\ Program Files \ coin

As we said, others coin's developers provides -usually in a zip file- the coin-qt.exe that you must run each time you like manage your wallet

In case B)  (preferred by me)

download the zip file, unzip and run the coin-qt.exe

But, one of the important thing is that almost for all the coins, the path where the blockchain is default saved is in:

C:\ Users \ youruser \ AppData \ Roaming \ coin

remember that

Downloading the entire blockchain of the cryptocoin of your interest depends on:

  • the size of the blockchain

for ex. today 20201127 , 

(aprox. 335 GB for Bitcoin BTC,

22,543 GB for DASH,

28,555 GB for ZEC Zcash,

34,968 GB for Litecoin LTC, etc.)

  • your available bandwidth,

  • the available bandwith offered by coin's developers,

  • power of your computational resources

  • and other things ...

You have to spend a few hours and a couple of days or
in a bitcoin case several weeks to sync your wallet....

What we offer?


spend a few bucks or its equivalent value in cryptocoins to get now the blockchain of your wanted cryptocoin

Why to paid?

downloading the blockchain is "the" big effort to get ready!
try alone, then think about time and money

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