when you first run a coin-qt.exe to manage your wallet


Just click to download

download the Argentum wallet (argentum-qt.exe)

at https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/                      (Latest release v4.14.5)

Unzip in some directory you choose

It's happening that some antivirus programs detects this program argentum-qt.exe and others as a false positive and eliminates, putting it in quarantine      -the same happens with other coin-qt.exe wallets and miners-

recover it !!

run the argentum-qt.exe, and choose default installation directory proposed, i.e.:

C or D :\users\YourUser\Appdata\Roaming\Argentum

Then you will see something like that:

At first run, argentum-qt.exe generates the default directory to manage the argentum blockchain and also makes the folders blocks and chainstate there

There, we see the most important file: wallet.dat


It is the file where your Argentum coins are saved !!!

Please, always make a backup of wallet.dat , and put it in another safe place -USB media, external drive, etc.., and the blockchain too!

Exit Argentum-qt exe




download the Argentum Blockchain provides for free in a zip file, that we called:




Copy Blockchain_Argentum_ltisa_20211022_0107pmUTC-3.zip to the default argentum directory 

Unzip and extract all the folders provides (blocks and chainstate)

in Blockchain_Argentum_ltisa_20211022_0107pmUTC-3.zip to the default argentum directory

Replace all

After finish, run Argentum-qt.exe again and wait to full sync

You will see something like that

And finally, your synced Argentum wallet !!!

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