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Quarkcoin QRK Blockchain

Direct Download Encrypted via MEGA NZ


Aprox 9,806 GB unzipped

blocks until date: 20230105_0345am UTC-3

number of blocks: 10,787,842



P2P port: 8373
RPC port: 8372

Download, unzip and save all the folders and files provided preserving folder's structure 

Be patient ! your are managing a 9,806 GB unzipped file through the network!!


If your computational resources and ours, the net, etc. are not sufficient to Direct Download in a reasonable time, ask for a Door to Door shipping of a 16gb USB media including Quark coin Blockchain

Besides the FTP download cost published, we add the first class courier cost of shipping from Argentina to your place and the cost of the 16gb USB media, as the total price.


We can send you via first class courier -like fedex- that 's the reason what in that case, we call Quark Blockchain Door to Door shipping.


We shipping the data in a 16gb USB media including Quark Blockchain with an ETA of 3-4 labor days


To estimate total price we have to add the cost of the first class courier from Argentina to your place and the cost of the 16gb USB media.


This final cost depends on the place you would like we send you.


For example, to Boston, Massachussets, USA, it is aproximately u$s 100 shipping plus u$s 15 for the 16gb USB media totalizing aprox. u$s 119,90 as the total price.


Please ask us by email

Quarkcoin QRK Blockchain - 9,806 GB - 20230105_0345am UTC-3

$10.00 Regular Price
$4.90Sale Price