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Sinovate SIN Blockchain

Direct Download Encrypted - GPU mining


Aprox 3,283 GB unzipped

blocks until date: 20220513_0531pm UTC-3

number of blocks: 908,556


Sinovate SIN-algorithm=X25X

P2P port: 20970
RPC port: 20971

Download, unzip and save all the folders and files provided preserving folder's structure 

Be patient ! your are managing a 3,283 GB unzipped file through the network!!

Sinovate SIN Blockchain - 3,283 GB - 20220513_0531pm UTC-3

  • Backup your wallet data file and save in other safe place -other folder, USB drive, etc.-. see location bellow

    The default installation folders and files of Sinovate-exSuqa SIN wallet coin is similar to almost all

    If default installation you find it in 


    and is called wallet.dat

    Unzip all the folders and files provided in

    in a temporary directory you choose

    We provided the folders blocks and ch