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Trivechain TRVC Blockchain

Direct Download Encrypted - GPU mining


Aprox 2,048 GB unzipped

blocks until date: 20210510_0109am UTC-3

number of blocks: 1,224,021


The Biggest update for Trivechain is coming to Trivechain Blockchain on October 2019 (they said)

PoW Algorithm Changes ( October 2nd, 2019 00:00:00 GMT+8 )
Our continuous effort to fight against ASIC lead us to fork our hashing algorithm from X16R -> X16Rv2
All official mining pool will change the hashing algorithm automatically when the time arrived. Block Height 450,000 ; BIP65 ; BIP66 ; DIP0003 - Deterministic Masternode



P2P port: 9999
RPC port: 9998

Download, unzip and save all the folders and files provided preserving folder's structure 

Be patient ! your are managing a 2,048 GB unzipped file through the network!!

Trivechain TRVC Blockchain - 2,048 GB - 20210510_0109am UTC-3