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Zcore ZCR Blockchain

Direct Download Encrypted - GPU mining


Aprox 6,362 GB unzipped

blocks until date: 20230131_1129am UTC-3

number of blocks: 1,766,963



NEW WALLET ZCore v2.0.0                (07/09/2019)

ZCore v2.0.0 is a version to new PoS chain.
Please visit our site for details on how to proceed 
with swapping from ZCore 1.6
Mandatory swap at 490,000 block
The deadline for swap will be up to block 490,000 of network 1.6 
(, after the coins will be burned and there will be ways to swap.


Zcore ZCR-algorithm=neoscrypt

P2P port: 17291
RPC port: 18292

Download, unzip and save all the folders and files provided preserving folder's structure 

Be patient ! your are managing a 6,362 GB unzipped file through the network!!

Zcore ZCR Blockchain - 6,362 GB - 20230131_1129am UTC-3

  • Backup your wallet data file and save in other safe place -other folder, USB drive, etc.-. see location bellow

    The default installation folders and files of Zcore ZCR wallet coin is similar to almost all

    If default installation you find it in 


    and is called wallet.dat

    Unzip all the folders and files provided in

    in a temporary directory you choose

    We provided the folders blocks and chainstate with all the blocks and the structure of the Zcore ZCR Blockchain at this moment

    Copy and replace all the same folders that are located at

    with what we provided and you unzipped

    ( for example: you can delete the folders blocks and chainstate, then unzip blocks and chainstate from the zip file under 

    C:\Users\YourUser\Appdata\Roaming\ZCoreCore  )

    After the end of copy and replace

    run your GUI Zcore ZCR wallet (Zcore-qt.exe) and wait until full synchronization of your wallet at the present 

    Be patient until blockchain is upload in memory and/or your swap file (a few min)

    If you need:

    download Zcore ZCR wallet at

    More info:

    run Zcore-qt.exe until it generates the folder


    Close your GUI wallet 

    Backup your wallet.dat file to other safe media but keep the original generated there

  • If you are disappointed with the crypto coin blockchain you paid for, 
    you can claim for a re-fund of your payment.

    We apologize for your time lost.
    Just email us and we will process a return of your funds.

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